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God is good ALL the time... and ALL the time, God is good!!

Year 1972


 +++ Name the Paper - March 1972 +++

(This is a portion of the first "Christian Banner" church paper published by Mt. View Church. It has the title "Name the Paper" across the top of the page. The church paper is dated March 1972.) We will include a few articles from a few months published in 1972.

We leave the newspaper without a name, because we want everyone to take part in naming the paper. Please put your suggestion in the box provided in the vestibule.
 Meet the Church Paper Staff
                            Editor Clara Henderson
                     Assistant Editor Terry Linthicum
                     Announcements James Kearns
                          Bible Quotes Dianne Kearns
                                  Poems Verna Richburg
                      Pastor's Corner Richard Lewallen
                           Class News Don Richburg
                               Art Work Ronald Gearren
                                  Typists Dianne Kearns
  Vickie Hunt
  Shela Gearren
  Louise Hunt
  Irene Morris
                        Proof Readers Jimmy Gearren
  Junior Hunt
  Daryl Farlow
We would like to dedicate this first issue to the Primary Class who gave us our first contribution.
News from the Adult Class
Written by: Mrs. Myrtle Hunt, Reporter (deceased)
    We will be beginning a new quarter next Sunday and we are looking forward to the studying of “The Nature and Mission of the Church”. This reminds us that Jesus said, “That thou are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
    Our pastor, Bud Frye, has expressed the desire to see a hundred and seventy-five in our Sunday school by Easter Sunday. “So come on folks” let’s lay aside aches and pains and get to work for the Master. Let’s start visiting and inviting, and surpass Brother Bud’s quota.
    Everyone in our class join me in wishing Mrs. Mattie Farlow, better known as “Grandma Farlow”, a very Happy Birthday. She will be celebrating her 90th birthday March 10th. She is also the oldest member of our church. We only wish we could find the words to tell how much we love and appreciate her. “Many happy returns of the day, and may God richly bless you, Grandma”.
    Mrs. Mary Morris is also celebrating a birthday March 4th, but not even a dear sister would be brave enough to tell her age.
    We are glad to announce that beginning next month, we will have Mrs. Edith Hunt as reporter of our class. Good Luck, Edith.
News from the Young Adult Class
Mrs. Clarice Hunt, Reporter
    The Young Adult Class held their first January class meeting in the home of Betty Linthicum. Devotions were by Mrs. Linthicum, after which the business session was opened. New business began with the election of officers for the new year.
    The class decided to have a 5th Sunday night youth service and to take an offering to go into the class treasury. It was also decided to send some elderly person a sunshine box or fruit basket and cards each month.
    Two sunshine baskets were sent in February to Mrs. Zula Hunt and Mrs. Mattie Farlow. Our sunshine baskets, we hope, will do just that, bring a little sunshine and happiness into each new day and show our love and appreciation to our elderly and shut-in friends who are no longer able to attend church.
    We are happy to report that Margaret Hunt is back with us, after having been sick and in the hospital.
    Our class has started a visitation program this month. Couples are assigned to visit in the home of families who do not attend church. We hope to see good results in the months ahead, and that each home visited might be represented in our church.
    The class sponsors Rev. Harold Loman’s radio program, one Sunday a month, which is $20. Each member gives $1 a month toward this. We feel in doing this, we are helping to spread God’s Word to those who, otherwise, may never hear the old fashion true gospel. Rev. Loman may be heard on WGWR – FM, Asheboro.
News from the Teen-Age Class
Shela Gearren, Reporter
    Our goal in the Teen-Age class is to do more for the Lord in 1972. The class has started off by having regular class meetings, sending cards to people in the community, visiting, and of course, the newspaper for the church, are some of the projects that we have started.
    Our class is studying the “Acts” of the apostles in Sunday School. We have learned a lot about the first Christians, and there is always lots of discussions in the class, which everyone like to take part.
News from the Junior Class
Verna Richburg, Reporter
    We have been studying from the New Testament this quarter. Our quarterly theme is “Discovering Why Jesus Came”. The lessons are about Jesus’ miracles, parables, and His later life. We enjoyed our lessons and Bible study very much.
    We have begun to learn some songs and to take part in the services. Our class wanted to do something to help someone else, so we are supporting a little orphan in India. His name is Joseph and he is 9 years old. We hope we can do more for our Lord and learn more about Him next quarter.
News from the Primary Class
Lela Farlow, Reporter (now Lela Trotter)
    Our class ranges in age from four to seven. Our lessons are always centered around Jesus and each child thinks of Him as their greatest friend. Prayers are said by each child, songs are sung and new songs are taught them often. We are in the process of making books, each child is making his own by coloring and saving his own paper. Each one took part in the fifth Sunday night service in January.
    We had a Valentine party February 13th. The children exchanged valentines and cookies were given by Mrs. Ethel Richburg. “Thanks from all the children, Mrs. Richburg”. May God bless each reader.
News from the Nursery
Jean Hunt and Judy Richburg – Reporters
    Rodney Trotter had a birthday party in the class Sunday, January 30th. He was two years old on January 28th. The party was given by his mother, Mrs. Eula Trotter. Our class is very alert and smart for their ages. They say their prayers, sing songs, and talk about Jesus.
    The children exchanged valentines on February 13th. Cookies and candy were given to them by their teachers. Each one took part in the fifth Sunday night service in January, and everyone enjoyed it very much.
My Little White Church
Written by Betty K. Linthicum
There’s a little white church
In the bend of the road,
Where I quietly enter
And lay down my load.
Just shut out the world
And the things that annoy,
Let the presence of God
Fill my heart with joy.
It’s not just the building
Or the folks gathered there,
But the power of the Spirit
In answer to prayer.
Where worship and praise
To our Saviour and King,
Is not ritual or form
But a natural thing.
If you have such a place
You surely can see,
Why this little white church
Is so precious to me.
Well folks, that’s all from the paper staff this month.
See ya next time.



+++ The Christian Banner - April 1972 +++

    The first order of business is to announce the winner of our NAME THE NEWSPAPER contest. The winning name is "The Christian Banner", suggested by Eula Trotter. "The Gospel News", suggested by Ruth Elliot, and "The Outreach", suggested by Louise Hunt tied for second place. Thanks everybody for all of those wonderful names. It sure was a tough job to pick the winner. Congratulations, Eula Mae. Hope you like your new book ends as much as we liked your suggestion.

The people from Mt. View Church would like to also thank Darrell Farlow and Steve Dickens for making the new church sign.

From the Pastor’s Corner
Written by: Richard Lewallen

    These are some of our Pastor’s sermon topics from the last month.
    Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. (James 5:4)
    This took place in our church Sunday March 5. Several came to the altar for Bud to anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord for the healing of the body. We, here at the church, should be more thankful to God for a preacher that still believes in the healing power of our great physician, the Lord Jesus. After the anointing, Bud preached a very good message from 2nd Timothy 4:1-8, on laying aside every weight that so easily besets us, and fighting the good fight of faith; looking past the worldly things of this life unto that life which is to come.
    On the evening of March 5, Bud preached to us on the home that God honors. In his sermon, he said, the man is the head of the house, and it is his responsibility to see that his family is led in the right way. Bud said, the family that God can honor is the family where the husband loves the wife, and the wife loves the husband, and the children obey the parents.
    On March 12, Bud preached from St. Matthew 23:29-39. He spoke from verse 37, bringing out a very good point, that we are a free moral agent, and that we are not led about as a little dog on a leash, but we will choose whom we will serve. The Lord said, “How oft would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and you would not!”
    On March 19, Bud preached from Matthew 9:9-15, teaching us that if we get to heaven, we will have to do as Matthew, rise up and follow Jesus. This turning over a new leaf by shaking a preacher’s hand, or signing a card, or by your good works, will not get you to heaven. Instead of an outward change, we must have an inward change, by receiving Christ into our hearts. In closing, I would like to send our invitation to everyone to come and worship with us here at Mt. View.
Jesus, Jesus
By: Sharon Elliott
Jesus, Jesus, How I love Him
He’s the greatest man ever known.
He died on the cross to save us from our sins.
And that’s why I love Him so.
O How Thankful!
Written by Shela Gearren
O how thankful we should be
As the news is shown on TV.
Men are killed in the Viet Nam war,
Sons or husbands we will see no more.
People are starving – Does anyone care?
Racial problems are in the air.
Homes have been lost in fires and floods
People are lost in a world of drugs.
If everyone would give their all to the Lord,
Problems would be easier in this world.
Our country needs your help today,
But most of all we need to pray!
O how thankful we should be,
As we give our trust to Thee.
Who Is God?
Written by Irene Morris (now Irene Wright)
God is the Guiding Light
The Shepherd who leads His sheep thru the darkest night
A candle that glows forever more
The Key to Heaven’s door.
He is the answer to every need
In any prayer or deed
He is the bright and morning star
Whose love reaches out to every man
No matter who they are.
He is the creator of this world
The Father to every man, woman, boy and girl
And yet was crucified by His own creation
A world of sin and damnation.
But with a love so great
He lifted His eye from that old cross
And said, “Father forgive them for they
Know no what they do”.
He died that salvation might be won
So if God could give His only Son
Don’t you think we could carry
God’s plan through?

  +++ The Christian Banner - June 1972 +++

Tomorrow’s World
Written and submitted by: Terry Linthicum
     It is 5:00 in the morning and all is quiet in the Drayton household. Mark and Ann are still sleeping; or at least Mark is. He awakens drowsily and becomes aware of a strange feeling that something is not quite right. Instinctively he reaches for his mate, but her place is empty. Softly he calls her name, but there is no reply. Fully awake now, and becoming alarmed, he goes to each room calling loudly, but no answer. Where could she be at this early hour? Mark looked out the window and noticed that neither car was missing. Maybe he’d better go over to the neighbors, they might have had sickness and Ann had gone to help.

    A few minutes later Mark was pounding on the door of the neighbor’s house, trying not to panic. Suddenly, he heard a scream coming from within the house. The young couple opened the door, crying that their baby had been kidnapped! They had gone to her crib and the crib was empty. Mark tried to tell them about Ann, then suggested that they call the police. In desperation he dialed again and again, but the lines were busy. Suddenly the clock radio came on, but not with the usual wakeup music. A frantic newscaster was reporting a world in chaos! All babies and small children had vanished from the earth. People were missing everywhere. Car collisions, airplane crashes, trains de-railed, people screaming in the streets insanely. Finally a bulletin came in begging everyone to please return to their homes and try to remain calm until some kind of order could be restored.
    Blindly Mark stumbled back across the street to his own home. As he entered, his eyes rested upon Ann’s Bible on the table. He was beginning to realize what had happened! Oh, if he could just remember what the preacher had said.
     Yes, Mark had gone to church with Ann mostly to please her. He had heard the song, “Jesus is Coming Soon” and a message about how the Christians would go to meet Jesus in the air. But surely this was not happening now!
    He fell on his knees and began to weep and pray---but his prayers were too late.
    What about Ann? Where was she? Right at that moment her eyes were beholding the Savior of Calvary, gathered with millions of all ages to partake of the great marriage supper of the Lamb.

 Matthew 24: 40-42
40  Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
41  Two women shall be ginding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
42  Watch, therefore; for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

Dad's Greatest Job
Poem copied and submitted by: William Trotter
I may never be as clever as my neighbor down the street.
I may never be as wealthy as some other men I meet.
I may never have the glory that some other men have had.
But I've got to be successful as a little fellow's dad.
There are certain dreams I cherish that I'd like to see come true.
There are things I would accomplish ere my working time is through.
But the task my heart is set on is to guide a little lad
And make myself successful as that little fellow's dad.
It's the one job that I dream of, it's the task I think of most.
If I fail that growing youngster, I'd have nothing else to boast.
For though wealth and fame I'd gather, all my future would be sad,
If I failed to be successful as that little fellow's dad.
I may never get earth’s glory, I may never gather gold.
Men may count me as a failure when my business life is told.
But if he who follows after is a Christian, I'll be glad,
For I'll know I've been successful as a little fellow's dad.
~Author Unknown~

 +++ The Christian Banner - July 1972 +++


 A Man Beloved
Written by: Clara Henderson (now Clara Nance)

   As editor of this little newspaper, I take great pleasure in writing this very special column at a very special time, about a very special man. Two days ago our pastor, Rev. Austin Frye, affectionately known as “Bud” Frye, celebrated his birthday, and the newspaper staff felt he deserved recognition.

   Down through the years from the beginning of history, many men have received tribute and honor. Kings, Princes, Presidents and statesmen, all held in high regard by the world and yet it isn’t who a man is, but rather what he is that demands respect from those around him.
   In many obscure places around our world, so far as world attention is concerned, and far from the limelight of public display are men of deep devotion and integrity to whom honor and tribute are due. Our pastor is one of these men.
   Born the youngest child of William and Rosa Frye, he was brought up without a lot of what young people today would call necessities. And yet he was rich, for he had an old fashioned Christian mother who knew God. No doubt it was her prayers that made a path to the throne of grace for him.
   After being saved at his old home church, Fairview Methodist in Trinity NC, he served as Sunday school superintendent and also served on the Church Board. He also taught the Young Married Class for some 20 odd years. In 1951, God spoke and the evangelist’s mantle became his. He held his first revival at Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church not knowing that years later he would be second only to Rev. John Church in the number of revivals held in the Methodist conference for two years.
   In 1963, came the call from our church. We were a very small church and were in desperate need of a pastor. God answered the prayers of the faithful few and sent Austin Frye our way. Our church began to grow, and most of the young people of the church were saved, because he was faithful to preach the gospel and pray in the late hours of the night.

I speak for the church and community when I say “Austin Frye we owe you more than we can ever repay, and only eternity will reveal all you have meant to this little church and its people.” We give God the glory for all the blessings but we can’t help but feel that God too is pleased to honor a man who lets himself be used of God, as you have done. We must not forget either your family, who have stood behind you these years; especially Rosa Lee, your wife who we have grown to love and appreciate too. Her prayers and loyalty no doubt, have helped to make many crooked places straight for you. But as for you Austin Frye, whatever tomorrow holds or wherever its pathways may lead, to the people of Mountain View you shall always be “A MAN BELOVED”.


America—Exiled from God
Written by: Irene Morris (now Irene Wright) and Becky Roberts (now Becky Freeman)

   America what has happened to a God fearing nation, America once a country which lived by the Bible and manifested their faith to all hardships? America was built on the foundation of religion. Our forefathers fought and died for their freedom to worship as they wished.
   God was their life, strength, and refuge. They trusted Him to bring them across the great ocean, fight a revolution for their freedom, and give them the strength and courage to build a new nation which was for God. Down through the years the American nation stood for God. Through two world wars and other minor uproars, God has been with America, and she has been victorious over her enemy.
   God has blessed America through the years. She has been blessed with prosperity in every way, and been the refuge for people of every nation. But as today America is turning back, back to a world of sin and damnation. They are looking for something that can fulfill their lives. They keep searching but yet have not found that peace. No longer can we say America is God fearing but America seems to be fighting the idea of an old fashion religion. They have searched for this peace in the world of drugs, the world of music, a world of hippies, but have they found peace in their soul?

   My friends, peace cannot be found by one hand on the world and one on God but it must be a fully dedicated sanctified life, a life committed to God our Savior. When this generation comes to realize this, then the peace and happiness can be theirs just as we have found.


 +++ The Christian Banner - August 1972 +++


Pastor’s Corner
Written by: Rev. Bud Frye (deceased)
  1. Faith = Substance of things hoped for; evidence of things not seen. Through faith we hope for: Peace with God and Peace of God.
  2. Faith comes by hearing. Hearing by the Word of God.
  3. We are saved by Faith. We are justified by faith. The world is not justified because it has no faith.
  4. We are kept by the power of God through faith.
  5. Life proves faith. Our attitude toward sin. Our works and love toward God proves our faith.
  6. Trials confirm faith. 1 Peter 4:12  Fiery trials try and strengthens our faith.
  7. Death crowns our faith. 1 Corinthians 5: 1-8. Faith gives us a home eternal in Heaven. To die is gain.
  8. Heaven rewards our faith when we see Him as He is. We receive our crowns of glory.
A Personal Relationship with God
Submitted by: William Trotter
   Man by nature is inclined to do evil. It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit, through prayer, and the study of God’s Word that these that have been converted, learn to hate sin and seek to live in ways that are pleasing to Him. The prophet Isaiah was aware of this, for while the people of Israel put up an outward front, their hearts were not right with God. Isaiah reminded them that just going through the form or motion of religious ceremonies in no way pleases God. In fact it is an abomination in His sight. They needed to establish a personal relationship with God.
   This is true with most of church members and professed Christians today. The majority of people will acknowledge a “Creator” and will admit there is proof of a “Supreme Being” through the creations, but they have never allowed themselves to come to a “personal relationship” with Him. When a person gets a personal relationship with God, then he or she can refer to Him as “My God”. This was true with Thomas. He declared, “Except I shall see in His hands the print of nails, I will not believe”. Jesus told him to reach forth his fingers and feel His hands and to be not faithless, but believing. Then Thomas exclaimed, “My Lord and My God”.
   What difference does it make if the whole world is filled with gold if none of it belongs to you? What does it matter if everyone you know has perfect health if yours if gone? What then if all your family and friends be filled with the Spirit of God if you don’t possess Him?
   The wonder part of it all is that you can make Christ your own personal, priceless possession just by accepting Him into your heart and life, then trust and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you have done this with complete dedication to Him, you too can say with the songwriter, “My Jesus I love Thee, I know Thou art mine”.

Psalms 116:15  Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

Do Christians Do Enough for the Sick and Shut Ins?
Written by: Ruth Elliott
   I feel like that we let down on visiting. People spend most of their entire life in church, when they get older and their health begins to fail and they can no longer attend church, the Church seems to remember them for a while but it seems that they are soon forgotten. They are not forgotten but we fail to do as much for them as we should.
   I feel that they sit, day after day, longing for someone to drop in and give them a few words of encouragement or just a smile.
   I think that most Christians feel that it is the responsibility of the preachers to visit, but it is up to us to visit too.

My Friend Jesus
Written by: Minnie Jarrell (deceased)

I have a friend, His name is Jesus,
He lives within my heart.
He went to prepare me a place in Heaven
Where we will never be apart.
He fills my heart with joy and love
And sends me blessing from above.

The Little White Church
Written by: Edith Robbins (deceased)

There is a little white church in the bend of the road.
Where travelers come in and lay down their loads.
The people are friendly and the children are gay.
There’s an old fashion altar where you can kneel down and pray.
And an old fashioned preacher to tell you the way,
That you can be happy with Jesus day after day.

 +++ The Christian Banner - September 1972 +++


Poem copied and submitted
There's a loving letter I mean to send;
There's a visit I mean to pay;
There's a careless habit I have to mend
When I get the time..….someday.
There's a dusty Bible I mean to read
There's an hour I'll keep to pray,
And I'll turn each dream to a golden deed
When I get the time..….someday.
I will carry flowers to the sick and sad,
I will seek for those who stray,
You may trace my steps by the hearts made glad
When I get the time..….someday.
So we have thought and so we have said;
Yet how sad it is to relate,
That busy with less important things
We waited until too late.
We never will get the time, dear friend,
To be kind along life's way,
Unless thoughtfully and prayerfully
We make the most of today.

                                                        God's Word
Written by: Clara Henderson
(now Clara Nance)
Why does the church tend to fall away
From the mighty Word of God?
That revealed to them their Savior
and changed the paths they trod.
Why do they tend to fall away
From the faith found in its pages?
A faith that somehow others kept
And preserved down through the ages.
The Word of God must change they say
Modernism is their reason,
But truth is truth and God is God
No matter what the season.
Though they change the sacred Word
To meet the modern trend,
It shall survive the battle
For men are only men.
They may stifle it for a while
Try to bind it up in chains,
But even in this modern world
God still holds the reins.

 +++ The Christian Banner - October 1972 +++

The Search for Peace
Written by: Irene Morris (now Irene Wright)
    Our world today suffers from a so-called “generation gap”. We live in a world where there is the cry for peace and love, yet there is no peace. It seems that this world is blinded by its own pleasures. But can you really find an everlasting peace in these worldly pleasures? I think not. Take a look at the millions who try to seek out peace in alcohol and drugs. Yes, they find peace, in both, but only for a little while. But when they face reality again, the same old problems and heartaches are still there, and still they have no peace. Uncounted millions die from an overdose of drugs and too much alcohol. Then you may say, all my troubles will be ended, but don’t deceive yourself. Remember God’s word: “Where the tree falleth, there shall it be” -- then where is your peace to be found?
   Peace and love begins with Jesus, Himself. He is the answer to all problems, the foundation to an everlasting peace and the security of tomorrow. Without Him there is no future. We as Christians must extend a hand to those who are blinded by Satan’s work. We may be the only Bible that the people may ever read.

      Mountain View
Written by: Mary Morris (deceased)
I remember Mountain View
When there only were a few
But God was there 
With all the young and old
Christ led them to His fold.
Oh! What a happy time
With our Christian friends so dear
Jesus was always near.
With the hallelujah and amens,
With the good old songs,
We knew we could win.
With Christ our Saviour so near
And with the ones we loved so dear.
There are many of them 
That have gone on before,
But praise God, we will meet them
On that happy golden shore!

Prayer Requests
-- We would like to remember Richard’s aunt who has cancer. We know that all healing comes from the Lord.
-- We need to remember all those around us who are sick as well as those in our church who may be sick.
-- We who work on the newspaper request the prayers of each one that our work may be done to glorify the name of the Lord.
-- If you have a prayer request you would like in the paper, please drop the request in the box in the vestibule of the church.

 +++ The Christian Banner - November 1972 +++

Thankful - For What?
Written by: Terry Linthicum
   All the pilgrims were gathered around the long wooden table ready to feast on the food they had grown in the new world. Heads were bowed in prayer as each gave thanks in his own way for the blessings that were theirs. Some bowed silently, some prayed aloud. But there stood one who was doing neither. He seemed to be watching the others, his face expressionless. Let’s look into his heart and listen to his thinking……
   “Why are these people giving thanks when there’s nothing to be thankful for? There’s Mrs. Southerland, weeping as she prays, who lost her husband and son during the winter to sickness. What can she possibly be thankful for?
   There’s Robert, who lost his eyesight. Someone has to lead him where ever he goes, and yet he seems thankful.
   I don’t believe this! It’s ridiculous! Many times they had built, only to be burned down in the night. Many crops had been planted and grown only to be laid down by the elements. Many times sickness and fever had come, and death had taken her toll. Thankful? They were lucky to be alive!”
   Suddenly his thought pattern was broken by the prayers of a small crippled boy who stood near. “Dear Father, thank you for the trees, the animals, and this new land you have given us. But most of all, thank you for your Son who died for me. He gave His life that I might live.”
   Slowly the man realized why these people were giving thanks. The young boy had said it all. Many blessings were theirs, but surely Jesus was the greatest of all. Why had he been so blind?  He bowed his head and began to cry.

 +++ The Christian Banner - December 1972 +++


Words of Thanks
Written by: The Hunt Family Singers

   We wish to express our appreciation to the staff of this newspaper for being so kind to print our singing engagements each month for the past year. We would also like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are to each one who has offered words of encouragement to us as we have gone about witnessing for Jesus Christ. But most of all we thank you for the prayers that have been sent up in our behalf, for without the blessing of the Holy Spirit, the work we are endeavoring to carry on would all be in vain.
   We count it a glorious privilege to be able to serve our Lord even if it is in a small way. He has blessed us in so many different ways; we couldn't begin to count them. We have rendered services for more than 40 different churches this year, and have met many wonderful people. Both old and new, we love and appreciate all our Christian friends.
   We have driven hundreds of miles these months, carrying the gospel in song, and if by going, we have brought someone to think on their way, or by the words of some song, drawn them closer to Jesus, then every mile driven, and every hour spent has been worth all the effort we may have had to make. Be much in prayer that we would follow the leadership of our Heavenly Father, and always be found lifting up the name of Jesus Christ. We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year.